TSL BRINGS IN 2017!!!!!!

Hello Everyone: 
Long time no TSL love or see or hear!  Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone and their brothers and sisters are warm and safe.    We’ve been hard at work, since our last shows writing new material and getting ready for some Spring Shows! 
Gary Gone of Cygnus Radio, heard weekly on I heart Radio ranked Shoot The Radio as the third best release of 2016 right next to Santana! TSL’s last video of Closing Time received almost 3.5K views! New Haven’s  99.1 WPLR and 89.5 WPKN continues to spin Shoot The Radio! 

Here’s the latest: 
Friday February 24 I’ll be playing the part of Van Morrison in   Strange Brew's 21st Album Tribute Night in Norwich CT!  This is the one and only chance to see the entire Moondance album performed front to back along with a 6-song encore set.   The All-Star band features Christine Salazar on backup vox. Jeff Bowen on guitar. Josh Welch on bass. Parker McQuenney on keys. Joe Meo on flute/sax. Geoff Fitz 2nd sax. Chris Gonsalves on percussion. Jason Wallace on kit.  Strange Brew is a tremendous room located in Norwich just a few minutes off route 95  I have participated in these events in the past and I can tell you they are very well received. 
Meanwhile back in Stamford CT 
On Saturday March 4th Tyrone Shoelaces make’s its long awaited return to Stamford’s Seaside Tavern  in Stamford CT, along side our new BFF Sky Daddy.  We’ve recently performed a couple of successful shows with SkyDaddy in the fall as they hail from Newburgh NY and are making their name know in the Northeast Jam Band Seen.  Surprise opening band TBA!  check out SkyDaddy here
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We’ve recently started to release some of the videos that we recorded from our set on WPKN in Bridgeport.  Check out our new Hoodies, T Shirts, and CD here
Much Love and Peace 

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