Tomorrow in Burlington VT

If your from upper VT or know someone from the area please let em know about our first show in Burlington at Radio Bean.  Thie is a great music town and we are psuched for our first show!  Pls spread the word.  Meanwhile the recording is coming out great with lots of recording being done here at Old Rock Studios. We should be mixing by the end of the month and are on track for a spring release.  Working title is “I swear, I said” and were looking for some design options so if you have the chops for an album cover let us know. Your design could be on 1000 Cd’s and many more posters to come! Here’s a shot of the lovely and talented TSL Ladies, Elana Zabari and Sarah Golley mugging for the camera.  Make sure you check out their other projects, Ruby and The Diamond Kings and Sarah Golley Music.

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