Inside look at our Studio! Free Show @ Strange Brew 8/13 Norwich CT

Wow What a blur- We’ve been heads down in the studio for the last three weeks and have mad just a ton of progress on our next record, album, cd, download, bunch of bytes or whatever you call a record these days.  Regardless we were able to get all the rhythm tracks down for 9 songs and now all that’s left is vocals, percussion and couple of do dats and of course the mixing.   Definitely ahead of schedule.  We posted a little morning tour of our home built below.  Special thanks to Joe DiGiorgi from Headline Sound for letting us borrow the professional Gobo’s.  They made all the difference this year and really helped isolate the piano.  We’ll be mixing at Joe’s new digs in Mamaroneck over the next bunch of weeks and then with a little luck we might be able to release sooner than the original January release date.   MVP of the sessions might have to go to the Wurlitzer being played through Mike’s Blues JR.  There’s also a lot more electronica dub on this record than ever before.
Meanwhile this Thursday stop on down for a free show in Norwich CT at Strange Brew.  We’ve been trying to play there for a while now as they are very friendly music venue where many of the bands that we admire play.  We cant wait to get out there and make some Tyrone Noise! Plus its freeking Ladies Night!
Hope you enjoy the Tour!

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