Happy New Year- 2016 Update here!

Happy New Year from all of us here at TSL.  We had an amazing year and want to thank each and every one of you for coming to a show, signing a mailing list, listening to a song, grabbing a sticker, buying a hat or hoodie, downloading a song, screaming, shouting and dancing.  We had over 500 organic likes last year, played our first festivals and performed shows in NY, Vermont, MA, & CT!  We also recorded and are currently mixing our new record and have begun booking our spring-time record release parties!  We are so excited about our new record (were gonna do a vinyl pressing as well) as it truly captures the evolving sound of Tyrone as we mash up Reggae, Rock, Electronica, & a few other surprises.  3-time Grammy winning engineer/producer, Phil Magnotti is at the helm as we are hoping to put the music up on the web by the end of January.  We will also be updating the website with all new videos and pics taken from this past year.   We’ll keep you posted…. 
We are performing 2 shows at our favorite local venue, The Horse Shoe Café in Southport CT.  They have been so kind to us over the last year or so-always allowing us to perform at their open stages while practicing new songs, instruments and just about everything. One 2hour set from 8:00pm -10:00 pm on Thursday January 21 and Thursday, February 25.  We hope you can come on down as the food is awesome, we’ll have some special guests and Wendy May’s Jam starts right after us just a few miles down the road at The Black Duck. 
Wishing everyone Peace, Health & Love in the New Year 

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